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About Us

Porchlight was born in 2015 when the Bahner family purchased a property and started sharing it with other families who might be experiencing the loneliness and isolation that often comes with raising children and starting a family.  

Through a series of events, God led the Bahners to Northwest Arkansas to take the next step in developing places where families can find strength, connection, and healing by combining faith and facts, good food and lodging, and a ton of fun in the great outdoors.  


Porchlight creates camps and conferences designed to make you and your family healthier and stronger by combining faith and facts. 


We are passionate about families, first responders, and Jesus.  We are convinced we are all at our best when we are connected to each other and our Creator through Jesus Christ.      

Stop in, get refreshed, and better equipped for your road ahead. 

We'll leave the light on.



Our Family Camps create diverse connecting points for you and your loved ones.  Whether it's sharing a meal, listening to an expert, enjoying coffee, taking part in an array of activities, or simply quiet time around a fire, we are certain you and your family will depart refreshed, restored, and refueled to get back out there and do your thing.  


Our Co-founder has a special interest in working with individuals and their families from public safety and healthcare.  Having spent the last 25 years as a firefighter, paramedic, registered nurse (RN), and now a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), he has a particular focus on serving and supporting this unique community.  TYVM is a conference aimed at showing appreciation, raising awareness, and providing wellness among these individuals.   

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